Fürst-Pless Horn - key of B, with tuning slide and real leather

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The hunting horn is a simple Fürst-Plesshorn that was made for use in the forest, on driven hunts, blowing the route and the like. It has a very good tuning, is easy to blow and is also robust. The wrap and the strap is made of genuine leather.
The tuning slide is required so that you can "tune" the horns in interaction with other wind instruments. The fine tuning of the instrument changes due to the influence of temperatures, different skills or approaches. Pulling out the tuning slide makes the tone a little lower, pushing it in makes it a little higher.



  • Key B
  • silver-plated mouthpiece
  • polished brass - material thickness 0.5 mm
  • bell with nickel silver wreath
  • genuine leather wrapping
  • carrying strap
  • made in Germany


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